This section is covering the Neomodel ‘config’ module and its variables.


Seting the connection URL:

config.DATABASE_URL = 'bolt://neo4j:neo4j@localhost:7687`

Disable encrypted connection (usefult for development):


Adjust connection pool size:

config.MAX_POOL_SIZE = 50  # default

Enable automatic index and constraint creation

After the definition of a StructuredNode, Neomodel can install the corresponding constraints and indexes at compile time. However this method is only recommended for testing:

from neomodel import config
# before loading your node definitions

Neomodel also provides the neomodel_install_labels scripr for this task, however if you want to handle this manually see below.

Install indexes and constraints for a single class:

from neomodel import install_labels

Or for an entire ‘schema’

import yourapp  # make sure your app is loaded
from neomodel import install_all_labels

# Output:
# Setting up labels and constraints...
# Found yourapp.models.User
# + Creating unique constraint for name on label User for class yourapp.models.User
# ...

Require timezones on DateTimeProperty

Ensure all DateTimes are provided with a timezone before being serialised to UTC epoch:

config.FORCE_TIMEZONE = True  # default False