The following hook methods can be defined on StructuredNode sub classes:

pre_save, post_save, pre_delete, post_delete, post_create

All these hook methods do not accept any arguments. An example of the post creation hook is as follows:

class Person(StructuredNode):

    def post_create(self):

Note that the post_create hook is not called by the get_or_create and create_or_update methods.

Save hooks are called regardless of wether the node is new or not. To determine if a node exists in pre_save, check for an id attribute on self.

Hooks on relationships

The hook methods pre_save and post_save are available on StructuredRel models. They are executed when calling save on the object directly or when creating a new relationship via connect.

Note that in the pre_save call during a connect the start and end nodes are not available.

Django signals

Signals are now supported through the django_neomodel module.